Besançon et ses demeures

8bis, 10 rue de la Préfecture

Built between 1771 and 1778, the “Intendance” was the residence of the king’s representative, charged in the province of Franche-Comté with the royal administration. It was built between courtyard and garden at the request of the “Intendant” Charles-André de Lacoré according to the plans by Parisian architect Victor Louis, who also built the Grand Theatre de Bordeaux. A local architect, Nicolas Nicole, was in charge of construction. The building is separated from the street by a wall with an entrance in the form of a triumphal arch. In the centre of the facade, six Ionic columns support a large triangular pediment. In the pediment the king’s coat of arms were displayed. Today, you can see a clock. The vertical theme is taken up again by the pilasters on the garden side of the facade, which has a rotunda.